Not “Moi” – but still pretentious?! Linguists will know it’s Spanish for “Me”.
What I try to do.....

With wild birds ( as anyone who has tried will confirm ) just to get a straightforward I.D. shot can test patience and skill ( what me, sane? ).

The moments ( repeat moments, for most species ) when birds accept me waiting patiently and grace me with a shooting distance visit – are a real experience – the best.

I try to capture something more than just a record - if I do will be for others to judge - hopefully an insight into the spirit of the birds.

A Kodak Brownie 44A was my entry into the world of photography, at the same time acquiring a fascination for birds with a similarly modest start on Wimbledon Common with my brothers.

My first attempts to combine these 2 interests in the 70's, were a pretty salutory experience.

But since then I have gradually acquired the necessary skills ( particularly mastering manual exposure technique )...... making costly mistakes as I went.......working out where I was going wrong......self-criticism a speciality!!

......so, self-taught photographer - is my proud boast!

In the UK, I have majored on seabird colonies. Trips out to the Farne Islands remain special for me ( despite the invasive human hordes ) more occasionally Bass Rock and Bempton Cliffs.

As my abilities have grown, and I have had successes ( laced with luck from time to time ) I have acquired images that I felt have got near to what I have been aiming for.

I have given a number of themed slide shows including to an RSPB Members group – aiming not only to inform ( although I am no expert or “twitcher” ) but to entertain and lift the audience.

I am currently developing digital presentations aimed at aspiring wildlife photographers and to provide tuition services - one-to-ones or groups.

I am also producing custom framed high quality prints for sale, from both slides and digital files - soon to widen these options.