All Nikon since 1990
FILM days – F90X, F5, F100 & F6’s . Nothing concentrates the exposure technique mind more than slides – Velvia, Provia and latterly Astia before…….

DIGITAL - D200’s, then D3 & D300. For me switching had to happen – not least for costs reasons, but the biggest gain has been in creative freedom, especially with the D3…….

"THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY..." - well actually maximum aperture for the two main lenses very often…..

Principally 500mm AF-S f4, upgraded to VR/Nano after an, ahem, incident

300mm AF-S f4

Both with 1.4 and occasionally 1.7 times convertors

180mm AF f2.8

Also 85mm f1.8, 50mm f1.8, 35mm f2, 16 – 35mm f4

SUPPORT - heaven knows I need it - Gitzo monopod and Wimberley head