People often approach me and say how difficult they find getting bird pictures that anywhere match their aspirations.

From the more comfortable areas of photography, stepping into the wonderful world of birds can be a whole new ball-game!

Is this where you are? I certainly was some years ago – and I made a lot of costly mistakes along the way.

One of the main “culprits” invariably is automated exposure on modern cameras. Sophisticated exposure assessment firmware is fine for “80%” of our photos and that leads us to a false sense of security. But birds in flight ( e.g. arctic terns against a milk of magnesia sky - see my Fine Art gallery ) are clearly into the remaining 20%.

I too hit these “kit-induced brick walls” but over 15 years+ now, I have taught myself, to master exposure technique and consistently achieve “correct” exposure in trying light situations and where more often than not, you don’t get a “take 2”.

Reliable difficult scenario technique is a pre-requisite to take your skills and hit rate to another level.

With technique addressed, you can add in your own personal vision and creativity - I know the guidance I can give you will help you towards your goals.

My tuition is one-to-one and will be custom-designed for you, based on the skill level you have attained thus far.

Guide price for a day’s one-to-one tuition workshop is £265.

To discuss your specific requirements, location, etc – please leave your phone number, and outline requirement thoughts if you wish, on Contact Us and unless I am away on a project, I will call you back promptly.