Espiritu de los aves

A good number of the pictures shown here were taken in Spain, my second ( spiritual only I fear ) home.
My bird trips to Spain started over 12 years ago, initially as one of a number of people contributing to a bird migration study across the Straits of Gibraltar, set up by Cristi Parkes locally and the Association of the Friends of La Janda.

My interest soon switched to photography, concentrating geographically on two principal areas –

Southern Spain -

- just 15 miles of Med across to Africa for birds on their fantastic journeys. Around Tarifa, the southern-most point of Spain, plus it’s hinterland, back along the coast, and also up to south of Seville across the Guadalgivir from Coto Donana

Central Spain – Extremadura -

- Trujillo and Torrejon and spots in between and around.

I have made several trips to both locations growing my knowledge of local habitats.

But nothing is ever guaranteed, with migrating birds particularly..... can have good years

.....and not so good years.